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      Update README · bf709686
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      Rename README.txt to README.md · cbd3f283
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      Now builds on Solaris using g77 and on OSX using gfortran · 3f154fef
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         With this version Figaro has had to address some changes to the compilers
         now available. There is no longer an up to date version of g77 readily
         available for the Mac, and AAO has allowed its licences for the SUN
         native compiler (f77) to lapse. So this version of Figaro builds on
         a Solaris machine using g77 (which we happen to have) and on the Mac
         using gfortran. A large number of detailed changes have been needed
         to get a clean compilation using gfortran, and they have all been made.
         This version now compiles without any warnings or errors on both our
         test Solaris system (aaowfi) under g77, and on my Snow Leopard Mac laptop
         using gfortran.
         One actual bug fix:
         Testing on Solaris showed a bug in IMAGE that seems to have been there
         un-noticed for 17 years! which occasionally caused floating point
         faults. I may have seen these before but not had time to chase them up.
         This has now been fixed - the size of a structure used by the DUT library
         had increased in 1993 as a side effect of a move from chars to ints for
         Boolean values, and unfortunately there is one place where the Fortran
         code in IMAGE had to supply space for such a structure. It was still using
         the old size. It's amazing this hasn't caused more trouble...
        ACMM Version 4.13
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      Minor changes to RDFITS and bad value handling in IEEE conversions · 8c788dcc
      Keith authored and Tony Farrell's avatar Tony Farrell committed
         This was kept out of ACMM for over three years! This was partly because
         ACMM took so long to process a module the size of Figaro. It is now
         somewhat faster, so there really wasn't any excuse. The only changes
         made in all that time have been to RDFITS, which now is able to access
         the various images in a file that has multile images (using a #n appended
         to the image name) and some minor corrections to the bad value handling
         in the IEEE conversion routines.
         This is being put back into ACMM now just prior to some modifications
         to the build files to allow building on Solaris systems that don't have
         the SUN f77 compiler. It's really just a safety save before making these
        ACMM Version 4.12
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      Changes to fix problems on RHE4 and MacOS X Intel systems · 2e6d47b2
      Keith authored and Tony Farrell's avatar Tony Farrell committed
         Some bug fixes as a result of running 4.10 under OS X. ISHIFT was
         generating warning messages about multiple 'free' calls to the same
         address. Traced to a bug in gen_poly2d.c and fixed. WDFITS/RDFITS
         not working properly - turned out that the 'byteswap' compilation
         flags were not being set properly. The which_system and setup_system
         scripts now properly distinguish between PowerPc and Intel versions
         of OS X and set the byteswap flags accordingly. The starlink
         libraries were being released as broken symbolic links by the
         figaro_release script, which now copies them. The 'fig' linking
         script now looks automatically for a 'star' directory at the same
         level as the FIGARO_DEV development directory if it can't find a
         /star/lib directory. This should make FIGARO_DEV/fig work more easily
         in installations where /star is not installed - as is increasingly
         the case. The STARLINK environment variable should no longer need to
         be defined to make FIGARO_DEV/fig pick up Starlink files released as
         part of Figaro (although it still needs to be defined when a full
         build of Figaro from source is attempted).
         Increased some fixed array sizes in BCLEAN and CLEAN to allow their
         use with larger images. (Ideally, these would be recoded to use
         dynamic arrays,)
        ACMM Version 4.11
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      First version that works on an Intel-Mac · 1fc77a0a
      Keith authored and Tony Farrell's avatar Tony Farrell committed
         Modifications to allow Figaro to build on an Intel-based OS X system,
         mainly involving trivial changes to .fpp files with TAB characters.
         A modified version of the specialised BLOCKS application is included,
         which matches that used for UCLES commissioning at AAO on 20th July
         2006. Somehow, an older version had been allowed to stay in 4.9.
        ACMM Version 4.10
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      Version 4.9: Documentation added, new UCLES applications added, including FITSPR and VPRINT · 290a40c9
      Keith authored and Tony Farrell's avatar Tony Farrell committed
         Bug fixes to figdisp that showed up when displaying long thin images
         under Linux.
         Added Figaro Programmers Guide files in doc/ProgrammersGuide.
         fig_plot_array.c is now a real C program rather than C++, meaning
         IHIDE should now build on all systems.
         Fix for linking problem on MacOSX involving 'restFP' and 'saveFP'.
         New applications BLOCKS,FITSPR,FLATROT,PERC,RUNMIN,VPRINT added. These
         were all written to provide building blocks for the AAO UCLES setup
         sequences, but are not UCLES-specific. FITSPR and VPRINT are intended
         to make getting access to FITS header keywords and Figaro user variables
         much easier in scripts (the UCLES setup scripts were all in Python).
        ACMM Version 4.9
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      Latest Starlink code, LET ECHARC fixes · 4e41f839
      Keith authored and Tony Farrell's avatar Tony Farrell committed
         Substantial changes to make use of the latest version of Starlink
         software. This new version contains a star sub-directory based on
         Starlink latest releases at the end of 2004, and has been tested
         and builds on Solaris, MacOSX and Linux (RedHat Enterprise). DTA
         sub-system no longer assumes HDS locators need to be 15 bytes long,
         allowing extension to 64-bit systems in the future. Bug in LET with
         long filenames fixed. Build procedures revised for new star hierarchy.
         Fix to fig.com which at some time in the past had apparently stopped
         working because the compilation of main.f had gone missing. ECHARC
         now has what should be an up to date connection file.
        ACMM Version 4.8
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      Figaro at version 4.5.2 · c59f60e4
      Keith authored and Tony Farrell's avatar Tony Farrell committed
         Changes to various Fortran modules to allow the use of g77 instead
         of f2c on Linux and MacOS. Has now been built under Red Hat 9.0,
         and under MacOS 10.3 Panther, both using g77. G77 is rather fussier
         than f2c, and I had to add the -fno-globals -Wno-globals flags to
         get around the structure of some .f modules where calls are made to
         the same routine but with different parameter types. Also was surprised
         to discover that I needed the -finit-local-zero flag to get around a
         problem in one routine. There may be more of these, so I set the flag
         as well as fixing the one case I spotted.
        ACMM Version 4.7
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      Modified for Red Hat 8 and for 16-bit and 24-bit displays · 7fa02cf0
      Keith authored and Tony Farrell's avatar Tony Farrell committed
         Added support for 16 and 24 bit displays to Figdisp. Fixed a link
         problem under Red Hat 8.0 - fig link procedure needed an additional
         -l misc, and the C++ aspects of fig_plot_array caused linking
         problems, which still need resolving properly. For the moment, the
         quick-fix of disabling IHIDE (which uses fig_plot_array) has been
         adopted. ACMM itself removes all 'x' flags from files, including the
         shell scripts used to build Figaro. The new file, post_acmm, is
         intended to be sourced after an ACMM copy or modify; it restores the
         necessary flags.
        ACMM Version 4.6
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      First insertion into ACMM · 055a379a
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      [No ACMM ChangeLog Detail]
        ACMM Version 4.5
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      creation · a5075607
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      	Created from NORMAL template by acmmCreateSubsystem
        ACMM Version 1.0
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      Initialised repository · 40b4566c
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      This ACMM module was originally initialised with the message: Created from NORMAL template:The Figaro data reduction system