1. 18 Jun, 2021 1 commit
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  4. 04 Sep, 2020 1 commit
  5. 21 Aug, 2020 36 commits
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      SEcond attempt at getting 2dfdr build to work · 0e543b08
      Tony Farrell authored
              Second attempt at GNUMakefile.am
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      fix 2dfdr build issue and some other minor changes · 8fabf971
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Ensure GNUMakefile.am includes new ditsputact.c routine.
      	Fix commenting problems in ditsputact.c
      	Fix compiler warning in ticker.c
      	Change approach to disabling warning about fall through in case in
      	   duitoken.c, use the comment approach rather then the pragma.
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      More working on constent output for regression testing · b96ea389
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Changes needed to ctest.c to ensure the output is always consistent
              regardles sof machine performance.
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      Fix issue with test of sdptest.C · 65c54f06
      Tony Farrell authored
             Fix issue in sdptest.C and don't output result which changes
             on different machines.
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      Testing issues with building on aatlxy · b79df58e
      Tony Farrell authored
              Some of the testing diff commands don't work reliably due to
              things comming out in different orders.  Disabled for the
              moment.  Also the sdptest does not give the same results on
              32 bit and 64 bit machines which is not being handled
              correctly yet.
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      Fix issue in LISTACTALL command. Better regression testing · 888adec0
      Tony Farrell authored
              LISTACTALL was listing overriden versions of actions, resolve that.
      	Add DitsIsRegTestMode() function, which returns true if the
      	    DRAMA_REG_TEST envrionment variable is defined.  This allows
      	    us to change the output of programs when running in regression
      	    test mode (e.g. don't output as much floating point precision).
      	dmakefile reworked to capture output of tests and run tests during
      	normal build.
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      Support action descriptions Add DitsPutAction routine · 22ce689d
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Add DitsPutAction() routine - simplier way of adding one action.
      	Add support for action descriptions - via DitsPutActions(), new
      	    DitsPutAction() routine, DitsGetActDescr() routine and
      	    output by control messages.  Add DitsPutActDescr() and
      	    DitsPutThisActDescr() routines.
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      Fix gcc 8.3 warnings. Support DUL building ditscmd with DulLoadFacs call enabled · 5d902496
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Fix various warnings from gcc 8.3.  Included some string length
      	issues but only in test program, but most were about switch statement
      	fallthroughs (a comment is now required to this is delibrate, to
      	turn off the warning) and "const" returns which were unecessarry.
      	If ditscmd is built with the DUL_BUILD macro defined, then it
      	invokes DulLoadFacs().  The idea is that whilst ditscmd is by
      	default still part of this sub-system (which can't use DUL, that
      	is later in the build), DUL can rebuild it and re-release it with
      	this call enabled.  That will allow ditscmd to translate a much
      	larger set of error codes.
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      ditscmd add q option. ditsgetinfo doesnt output bad status if just looking for... · 98050758
      Tony Farrell authored
      ditscmd add q option. ditsgetinfo doesnt output bad status if just looking for a task which isnt there.
              In ditsgetinfo, If checking for a task running, don't output
              the unknown task error if it is not
              just return bad status.  This makes
              creating scripts which check for tasks running easier
              Add -q option to ditscmd, a parameter get which does not use MsgOut
                for output, instead just stdout, for use in scripts.
              ditscmd monitor operations now set the Send-Current flag, so the
                current values are seen on startup.
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      Deal with all warnings which appear with GCC 5.4 on linux · ee00f514
      Tony Farrell authored
      	All warning now removed when compiled using GCC 5.4 on Linux, mainly
              through the use of DGCC_DIAG_OFF, but also sometimes through
      	appropiate casts.
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      Tasks command now outputs pid and machine name · d96fe820
      Tony Farrell authored
      	tasks command now outputs pid and node name.
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      Add LISTACTALL and LISTACTACTIVE control messages. Add taskname to messages from DitsStop · 4cf00e3a
      Tony Farrell authored
              Add LISTACTALL and LISTACTACTIVE control messages, simple versions
              of DUMPACTALL and DUMPACTACTIVE which just provide the action
      	DitsStop() ErsOut() calls now include the task name supplied to
      		   the call, which allows us to work out which task is
      		   outputting the message.
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      Improve logging around task disconnect and ensuring we return MACHLOST code... · b5f6ca5e
      Tony Farrell authored
      Improve logging around task disconnect and ensuring we return MACHLOST code rather then TASKDISK when we have lost the machine
      	Improve logging around disconnection and machine lost messages as
      	part of trying to work out an AAO CCD system failure where unexplained
       	disconnections occur.   Basic approach is that if we have a logging
              routine, we log even if the relevant DITS_LOG_BASIC etc. flags are not
      	set.  These are rare events so won't dramatically increase the log size.
      	Note - now return DITS__MACHLOST status in cases where we used to
      	     return DITS__TASKDISC (which was a mistake).
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      DitsLoad now catches a file name too longer for IMP to handle and gives a better error messages · 630581c0
      Tony Farrell authored
      	If DitsLoad() is invoked with a program name greater then
      	IMP_MAX_PROG_NAME in length, then it fails immediately, as
      	some times the IMP failure can be hard to diagnoise.  Appropiate
      	error reporting suggesting the environment variable approach
      	is output.
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      Fix issue in MsgOut being triggered by taipan · 0fbeaf25
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Fix issue in MsgOut() which was causing crashes if logging was
              enabled and we are in UFACE mode without an ufaceMsgOut routine
              enabled.  Picked up on taipan machine, maybe due to changes in
              compiler or libraries.
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      Improve error reporting around parameter monitor failures · 34b75375
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Better error reporting if we fail to fetch parameter names
      	setting up a monitor - the previous reporting made it hard
      	to work out what had failed, particular for a forward monitor.
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      Add proper handling of trigger messages to ditscmd · 5e92f292
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Remove use of now depreciated ERS_M_NOFMT flag, using
      	either ERS___M___NOFMT or calling ErsRepNF(), depending on
      	the case.
      	ditscmd - Explicitly handle trigger messages so that we
                         can support -v for trigger messages and
                         improve the error output.
                        Import error handling for success argument
                         handling failures.
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      Change from linking mess.o to libmess.a · 93ffc33b
      Tony Farrell authored
             dits_link.* modified to link libmess.a rather then mess.o
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      IMP now allows workign through nat via IMP_LOCALNODE_FORCE, fix relevant message · b514543d
      Tony Farrell authored
             I have modified IMP to work through NAT, so modify the message
              in the previous version to indicate what to do.  The requirement
              is that the system inside of the NAT environment must set the
              IMP_LOCALNODE_FORCE to the external IP address of the NAT
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Note NAT as possible cause of IMP__WRONG_MACHINE error code · e8359816
      Tony Farrell authored
      	IMP__WRONG_MACHINE messages can be triggered by an attempt to run DRAMA
               through a NAT (Network Address Translation) system.  This doesn't work
               as IMP presumes the IP address of the machine on the other side of the
               NAT system is reachable.
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      Fix some MacOSX Mavericks warnings. Add macro to allow user to work out if... · b0ec2c2d
      Tony Farrell authored
      Fix some MacOSX Mavericks warnings. Add macro to allow user to work out if DRAMA_REA_DRAMA2 available
      	Add DITS_HAVE_REA_DRAMA2 macro to DitsTypes.h, so that code comiling against
      	both old and new DRAMA code and work out what to do with DITS_REA_DRAMA2.
      	Fix various compilaing warnings using DGCC_DIAG_OFF()/DGCC_DIAG_ON() macros.
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      Fix logging flaws to allow working better with DRAMA2 · 2a653630
      Tony Farrell authored
      	DitsStop() writes its log message using Dits___Log() rather
      		   then DitsLog(), to keep it consistent with other
      				internal logging.
      	ditsexhand_ux.c  logs under different conditions, consistent
      		with mods to DitsStop().
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      Add support needed by Drama2. Fix bulk data trigger messages · 5ce3ce68
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Add routines DitsTransIdLock() and DitsTransIdUnlocked() to ensure
      	    a transaction is not reused too soon (by DRAMA2).
      	Bulk data triggers were not getting through, and have not been
      	     for years - due to a check in Dits___MsgTap() against the
      	     message tag - which has a confusing usage for Bulk data
      	     trigger messages.  Set the value to 0 when Dits___MsgTap() is
      	     invoked for bulk data messages, which disables the check.
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      Create DitsUfaceMsgOut. Fix some logging messages · 8ada8f80
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Modify DitsMsgWait() logging - don't need to output time.
      	Add DitsUfaceMsgOut(), and use it to implement Dits___UfaceInfoMess().
      	This allows DitsUfaceMsgOut() to be invoked from the DRAMA2 Orphan
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      Fix MacOsX mavericks CLang compile issues · eadde090
      Tony Farrell authored
      	sdptest.C, ditsloadcmd.c, ditsutil.c, dui.c, tocker.c, btocker.c
      		tock_sdstest.c, ticker.c, ctest.c, ctest3.c.
      		Fix warnings detected by MacOsX mavericks, mainly uninitialised
      		variables, but some others as well.
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      Add DitsSignalDrama2 and DramaSignalExit to support Drama2 · 8ec3f4ea
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Add DitsSignalDrama2(), such that we have a special signal for
      	    use by DRAMA 2 thread events.  DitsGetEntReason() will return
      	    the new code of DITS_REA_DRAMA2.  This will allow us to distinguish
      	    user triggered signals from thread completion signals.
      	Add DitsSignalExit(), a special signal which causes the mainloop to
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      Improved logging around shutdown · 0c2f5038
      Tony Farrell authored
      	DitsStop will now log a shutdown message with status.
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      Moinor change to last change · 69bc4bcf
      Tony Farrell authored
             Modification to VxWorks version of last chage, don't stop option
             processing after task name seen, people have been using that.
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      Document double dash option to ditscmd, add w option · 8bbee64f
      Tony Farrell authored
              ditscmd.c Changes. Add -- option to VxWorks version (already exists
      		  in unix (via getopt()).  Document  -- option in help.
      		  Add -w option.
      	Fix some compilation warnings picked up by later GCC.
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      Remove call to nanosleep under VxWorks from tea.c · 326644e4
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Removed call to nanosleep under VxWorks in tea.c.
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      Ensure tranaction ids are initialised correctly · 4ace3151
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Ensure I initialise transaction user data to 0 when creating transactions.
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      Output details on forward monitors in DitsMonitorReport · 8023dee3
      Tony Farrell authored
          	ditsmonitor.c:DitsMonitorReport() modified to output target details
      		for forward monitors.
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      Add ditswaitexit command · af905c9a
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Disconnect handlers can now use DitsPutRequest(DITS_REQ_EXIT,status)
      	to request that the task exit.
      	Add ditswaitexit command - a command which exits when another DRAMA
      	task has exited.  Useful in scripts.
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      Fix notification message handling issues when we have a large number of... · 3442cd91
      Tony Farrell authored
      Fix notification message handling issues when we have a large number of notifications. Finish getting control messges to output to MsgOut
      	Add extra debugging around notifications and add and use
      	    DitsGetMsgTypeStr() to output string representations of
      	    message type codes.
      	Ensure Dits___MsgNotify() handles running out of buffer space
      	       whilst processing notifications correctly.
      	Ensure transaction ID dumps from control messages written to MsgOut.
      		*** ALL Control messages now report to MsgOut rather then stderr.
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      ditsloadcmd help. control messages to use MsgOut · 8e91cea6
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Add -h option to ditsloadcmd.  Change to use fprintf() for error
      	    messages, it makes it look more like a command line program then
      	    using Ers does.
      	MsgOut() modified to send a message via reply path even if actionptr is
      	equal to -1, this allow messages to be send from CONTROL messages.
      	This feature was added to Dits___ErrOut() a long time ago, so should
      	be  ok.
      	Add Dits___MsgOutOutput() routine to DitsUtil().  Use it as the
      	output routine for various routines wanting a Dits output routine,
      	so that messages go to MsgOut().
      	Various debugging changes.
      	*** WARNING - We are not correctly handling large numbers of
      	    NOTIFICATIONS.  Seen by using a PRINTENV control message in
      	    the new scheme.
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      Fix test timing issue found by building on HermesIC2 · 124b5433
      Tony Farrell authored
      	test_basic target in dmakefile needs an extra delay to allow task shutdown
      	in some instances.