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    Move to using vsnprintf instaed of BSD based ErsVSPrintf · a8f9738d
    Tony Farrell authored
          Remove all the DPUBLIC, DPROTOTYPES etc. macros - presume modern C compiler.
          Add sprintftest.c, and a test target in dmakefile.  This allows us to do
    	basic tests on ErsSPrintf() and ErsSVPrintf().
    	Need to add more tests 	here to check rest of ERS, but do to handle not
    	building with DRAMA.
          Replace BSD version of ErsVSPrintf() by the use of the modern portable
    	implementation - vsnprintf().  ErsVSPrintf() and ErsSPrintf() both
    	now call that routine for the formatting.  As well as removing the
    	BSD license code, this will ensure we are as up to date as the OS is in
    	terms of printf() formatting support.