1. 05 Oct, 2021 1 commit
    • Keith Shortridge's avatar
      Tidied up the files involved in building a standalone version of ERS, adding a Makefile.standalone · 1a8e4b1a
      Keith Shortridge authored
        Tried to set up a way of building Ers simply on systems without a DRAMA
          installation. Created a new Standalone directory. In this I generated the
          two messgen-generated files (using the latest DRAMA messgen), Ers_Err.h and
          Ers_Err_msgt.h,together with a CONTENTS file saying more or less what this
          says here. At top level I added a Makefile.standalone file.
          It should be possible to build a standalone version of Ers using
                         "make -f Makefile.standalone"
          - this doesn't release any files, but it builds a libers.a.
          This has now been tested under OS X (High Sierra) and Linux (on aaolxp)
          Note that if anyone decides to define a new ERS error code in Ers_Err.msg,
          they should regenerate the various messgen-created files in Standalone:
             cd Standalone
             messgen -c -o -t ../Ers_Err.msg
         ACMM version 3.19.
  2. 21 Aug, 2020 20 commits
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Fix release target · 5f5e11dc
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Ensure release target builds.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Move to using vsnprintf instaed of BSD based ErsVSPrintf · a8f9738d
      Tony Farrell authored
            Remove all the DPUBLIC, DPROTOTYPES etc. macros - presume modern C compiler.
            Add sprintftest.c, and a test target in dmakefile.  This allows us to do
      	basic tests on ErsSPrintf() and ErsSVPrintf().
      	Need to add more tests 	here to check rest of ERS, but do to handle not
      	building with DRAMA.
            Replace BSD version of ErsVSPrintf() by the use of the modern portable
      	implementation - vsnprintf().  ErsVSPrintf() and ErsSPrintf() both
      	now call that routine for the formatting.  As well as removing the
      	BSD license code, this will ensure we are as up to date as the OS is in
      	terms of printf() formatting support.
    • InstTestAcc's avatar
      Add ERS___M___NOFMT macro. Change from finite to isfinite · b60b8048
      InstTestAcc authored
             Add ERS___M___NOFMT flag, allows internal DRAMA code which was using
      	ERS_M_NOFMT and still needs to (for compatiblity isues) to avoid
      	the deprecated warning.
            Move from finite() to isfinite() since finite() has been deprecated.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Fix problem in ERS_M_NOFMT Pragma · fd59c788
      Tony Farrell authored
      	In the previous change, the check on the use of ERS_M_NOFMT was faulty, picked
              up by CLang.  Now fixed.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      ERS_M_NOFMT flag deprecated, added ErsRepNF function · 068118dc
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Starting to get into lots of trouble due to ERS_M_NOFMT flag and checks
      	in modern complers which complain if you don't have a format string.   Add
      	ErsRepNF() function as an alternative.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Add ErsGetAtCtx for Drama2 · 4b10618c
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Add ErsGetAtCtx().
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Improve commenting · 1d39d042
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Improve commenting in DramaErs.
    • InstTestAcc's avatar
      Get autoconfigure for 2dfdr working · e290ca16
      InstTestAcc authored
      	Rename Makefile.am to GNUmakefile.am, since 2dfdr_ac is moving
      	to using this name all the time.  Release Ers_Err.msg into distribution
      	by specifying it in the EXTRA_DIST list.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      update for recent config sub-system changes · 32f1ac93
      Tony Farrell authored
              Fix SRC<n> macro definitions in dmakefile.  Wrap release tests
              in AutoTest() and UnixOnly() macros.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Add Makefile.am · fad9459f
      Tony Farrell authored
           Add Makefile.am - used by 2dFdr to autoconfigure DramaErs.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Fix typo in ErsOut document · 9e958dbb
      Tony Farrell authored
          Fix typo in ErsOut documentation.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Fix html doc build on linux · 7b6fa8a3
      Tony Farrell authored
          html/Makefile drops use of $(MAKEFLAGS) - not needed and causing
           problems on Linux.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Release java and tcl error files · 93f5ead7
      Tony Farrell authored
          Release Java and Tcl versions of error include file.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Tidy up handling of interrupt stuff in VxWorks code · 2d694559
      Tony Farrell authored
          When doing ErsEnableTask  under VxWorks, lock the task if not in
      	 interrupt context - to get the same effect.
          Check for real interrupt context under VxWorks to ensure we don't get
      	messed up by errant tasks.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Fix solaris cc compilation problems · 80cea309
      Tony Farrell authored
          Fix use_rcsId definitions to work with solaris cc.
          Fix some other solaris cc problems.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Log flushes and annuls · e0a84010
      Tony Farrell authored
         Log annul and flush operations.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      First go at auto DRAMA release from ACMM · 84afa77d
      Tony Farrell authored
         Set up for release of DRAMA using ACMM.  Mods to makefiles etc.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Modify library for ACMM · 416eff73
      Tony Farrell authored
         Tidy up after loading into ACMM.
              Deleted DramaSCCSClasses and DramaSCCSCheckpoints directories.
              Created HtmlDocs and ManSupport subdirectory.
              Makefile split between makefile.release_files and Makefiles in
                   TexDocs, HtmlSupport and ManSupport directories.
              Move *html* and *wflman* files to HtmlSupport directory.
              Modified dmakefile to use ACMM_RELEASE.
              Add makefile.support which supports DRAMA release.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      creation from SCCS · c0574d07
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Created from orignal SCCS archive by acmmCreateSubFromSCCS
    • afarrell's avatar
      Initialised repository · 41c2d4a7
      afarrell authored
      Initialised this ACMM migrated repository with .gitfilters and .gitattributes for RCS keywords.