1. 14 Sep, 2020 40 commits
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      Fix MacOsX Seirra problems · e9fc33dc
      Tony Farrell authored
         Replace use of ErsRep() by ErsRepNF() in DramaUtil.C and DramaErs.C.
         On MacOsX, the changes from 3.57 for adding those two empty directories don't
         work (directly) on MacOsX Seirra and possibly El'Capitan.  This is due to the
         implementation of "System Integrity Protection" on Mac OS - commonly known
         as rootless mode - see
         This prevents changes to /System files by default.  To enable creation of these
           directories, the following procedure is now required
              Reboot into internet recovery
              Or into internet recovery
                  Option-Command-R  (may be required for VmWare machines)
           Select Utilities-> Terminal
                csrutil disable
           Reboot into normal and open a terminal.  Enter
               sudo mkdir -p /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk
               sudo mkdir -p /System/Library/Java/Support/Deploy.bundle
            Check things work at this point.
           Reboot back into internet recovery and open a terminal
               csrutil enable
           And reboot.
          Should now be ok and back on SIP mode.
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      Fix javadoc comments for java 8 · 09cda20a
      Tony Farrell authored
         Revamp javadoc comments to pass Java 8 doclint checks.
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      Java 8 introduced a new very fussy javadoc which caused the install target to... · 4b55be23
      Keith authored
      Java 8 introduced a new very fussy javadoc which caused the install target to fail. Bypassed but in a way that needs a flag in the DRAMA configuration file
         The html target fails if the new doclint checks introduced into javadoc
         with Java 8 are enabled. Until the source code files are fixed (a big job)
         defining the dmkmf symbol NoDramadocLint causes the -Xdoclint:none flag to
         be set and these tests are bypassed. So this is needed if Java 8 has been
         installed and the .java files have not yet been fixed. Anyone who has
         installed Java 8 will need to add this to their local DRAMA configuration
         file (in my case drama_local.macosx.cf).
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      Now builds cleanly on Yosemite with Clang 6.0 and Java 1.8 · 0e79a7d8
      Keith authored
         Now building on Yosemite with Clang 6.0 and Java 1.8 without warnings and
         running the testlink test program OK. I've removed the extra libraries
         specified in the dmakefile for OS X. These don't work for Yosemite, and
         I think haven't been needed for some time. I hope that's right. If not,
         some version tests will be needed. Also made a number of trivial changes
         to get a clean compilation, adding a cast here, a fixed format string there,
         and replacing a deprecated Java routine with the preferred one.
         Note: Originally, when I built and tried to run the testlink test program,
         it wanted me to install the Java SE 6 runtime. I didn't want to do this,
         having just installed Java SE 8, since SE 6 is now quite old and potentially
         risky. Eventually, it turns out that all that I needed were two empty
         folders - apparently it looks for these and insists on installing SE 6 if
         they aren't there:
         sudo mkdir -p /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk
         sudo mkdir -p /System/Library/Java/Support/Deploy.bundle
         This fix came from:
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      Fix dmakefile bug · f886c67b
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Fix bug in dmakefile picked up by later MacOsX build by Keith.
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      Support setting DITS_D_JAVA_MAYLOAD flag on initialisation · 9c6184f5
      Tony Farrell authored
      	If the DITS_DJAVA_MAYLOAD environment variable is defined when the
      	DRAMA task starts up, then allow the task to load DRAMA tasks
      	directly rather then require the DRAMA networking to be running.
      	Fix some compilation warnings.
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      Fix build problem on MacOsX 10.5.8 · b8328ebd
      InstTestAcc authored
      	DramaPath.DisconnectHandler object is causing problems, a conflict
      	with the class of the same name.  Rename it to MyDisconnectHandler.
      	Problem seen on MacOsX 10.5.
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      Fix solaris bulid problems · 15189cd7
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Catch problems about no knowing how to do sharables with better
      	messages in dmakefile.
      	Change to using $(CCC) for C++ compiler rather then g++.
      	Get djava building on Solaris when using the Solaris Sun Workshop
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      update for recent config sub-system changes · 4d330316
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Fix SRC<n> macro definitions in dmakefile.  Wrap release tests
              in AutoTest() and UnixOnly() macros.  Fix various other bugs
      	picked up by dependency testing.
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      Ensure we can build this without Tcl · 72845138
      Tony Farrell authored
          Ensure we can build this without Tcl having been built - it was
      	   failing due to want to build the error file.
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      Fix 64 bit mac intel build problem · c3d3feb2
      Tony Farrell authored
         Get 64 bit build working on MacOsX.
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      DITS_LOG_ALL value has changed · c240bf5a
      Tony Farrell authored
         DITS_LOG_ALL value has changed.
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      Stop listing sds structures in monitor changed handler · 8f67c508
      Tony Farrell authored
         Stop listing sds structures in mointor changed handler.
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      Fix mac os x link error · f5d7fb69
      Tony Farrell authored
         We need to declare our own version of the environ global variable when
      	building the Mac sharable - to avoid a MacOsX link error.  This
      	global variable is being used by DITS now for the PRINTENV control
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      Fix link problem due to recent git change · 4439323b
      Tony Farrell authored
        Was not linking in SYS_LIBRARIES to sharable - which causes the
          link to fail after recent GIT changes.
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      Fix Solaris build issues · 51376c89
      Tony Farrell authored
         Fix bug in dmakefile under solaris.
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      Pick up sub-system error java files from their release directories · 354bde77
      Tony Farrell authored
         Modified to pick up Java error source files of other sub-systems via
      	environment variables - the other sub-systems all release there
      	java error files now.
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      Fix bugs in Arg.C on 64 bit machines · 6aeb5b1e
      Tony Farrell authored
         Fix bug in Arg.C - was treating jint as a SdsIdType, which is not
         correct when passing addresses.
         Fixed a bug in DramaPath.C where the wrong value was being passed
          to a logging call - causing a crash.
         When  logging SDS structure contents, log the ID as well.
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      Reflect recent DITS changes · d93f0035
      Tony Farrell authored
          Reflect changes to DITS_ARG_<xxx> series of constants and ensure
      		ValidateConsts() is invoked by testlink.
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      Fix minor error in last change · e13396a2
      Tony Farrell authored
          Fix error in last change.
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      Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH when running testlink · 8356580d
      Tony Farrell authored
          The testlinks application is not run with LD_LIBRARY_PATH and
          DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH set to include the current directory.
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      fix bug on mac os x intel · dd9345cd
      Tony Farrell authored
          Ensure Mac links the sharable with g++.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Fix implmentation of KickForget · df2b108f
      Tony Farrell authored
          The KickForget functions were not using SendForget - and hence were not forgotten.  Fixed.
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      Fix JAVA 1.5 problems · 4a4804de
      Tony Farrell authored
          Get this working with JAVA 1.5. The main issue is the "javah" is changed the name
          it generates for some functions (DramaTask.AddIt and DramaTask.PutKickHandler).  I now
          generate functions of both the new and old names - this makes the code backward compatible
          and it turns out what javah does is not done by the runtime code - the runtime code wants
          the old name.
          The testlink program is now run in a different way to get a better message on failure.
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      Add new Arg constructors and SDS debugging code · f41e3721
      Tony Farrell authored
         Add extra constructors to Arg to help make contructing complex structures
         The SDS ID class now keeps track of its contructor's location, to
         help in debugging problems. Added method
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      Add RCSID fields to all classes · 2ce0b3a5
      Tony Farrell authored
         Add RCSID constants to all classes.
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      Add Class Loader tutoral html page · 95fc87a5
      Tony Farrell authored
         Add ClassLoaders.html to Notes directory and update  DJAVA.NOTES
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      Add testlink program to test DJAVA link was ok · 02d242af
      Tony Farrell authored
         Add "test_the_link" target in dmakefile and testlink program - to help
      	work out link problems.
         Fix a couple of link problems picked up by test_the_link.
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      Fix some dmakefile problems · 939480c1
      Tony Farrell authored
        fix dmakefile problem when TCL is not enabled  - dramadirs target
      	was failing.
        fix use of ccdv issue in dmakefile.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Don t use weak globals. Add SDS debugging · 0b8b2bb4
      Tony Farrell authored
          Remove use of weak globals from DramaUtil - was causing crashes.
         Add SetDebugging(), EnableFreeIDWatch() and ClearFreeIDWatch() methods
      	to SdsID.  support debugging output.
    • Keith's avatar
      Rebuild on aatvme10 - code unchanged · f3c13405
      Keith authored
         Rebuild on aatvme10 with java 1.2 Solaris 5.8 - code unchanged.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Fix bug triggred by ODC GUI Reset · 129c537f
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Fix crash in DramaPath.C triggered by ODC GUI due to use of
      	Weak reference.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Support NATIVE__INT64 from sds · cad50184
      Tony Farrell authored
              Sds now supports "long long" 64 bit integers at INT64.  Modify
              Arg.C and Sdp.C to make use of this.
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      Fix GCC 3.4.0 problems · 0203d78a
      Tony Farrell authored
              Fix GCC 3.4.0 compilation problems.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Add DramaError and DramaTask.CloseTask. Other documentation improvements · a51bf8bc
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Add DramaTask.CloseTask() - which replaced DramaTask.Close() but allows
      	  better handling of exceptions etc.
      	Add DramaError class - which allows a DramaException to be converted
      	to a non-checked exception.
      	DramaException.Report - no longer double reports the error.
      	JAVABASE (dmakefile) is now presumed to be set by the configuration
      	Some minor documentation improvements.
      	Note - package.html file needs revamping to replace use of
      	html links by @link tags (needing full package name to get
      	the link to work correctly).
      	dmakefile now used -linkoffline rather then -link, an I have
      	downloaded package-list from Sun.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Fix build problem when no java. Documentation fixes · 89613c0e
      Tony Farrell authored
              Ensure no failures occur when building when systems when JAVA
      	is not supported.
      	Fix up some documentation errors picked up by the Mac version.
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      Add htmlrelease targeT · 2cca68e3
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Add htmlrelease and distclean targets - used by
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Set up ccdv correctly · e32fd8c3
      Tony Farrell authored
              ccdv now works for JAVA and MESSGEN - so tidy up dmakefile
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Fox solaris CC compliation warnings etc. · 57e6a092
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Fix Solaris CC warnings and errors.
      	Stop Check64Bit.h giving warnings about long long.
      	Documentation link now to Java 1.4.2.
    • Tony Farrell's avatar
      Support IMP_SET_BYTES flag to load · 6d0e59f8
      Tony Farrell authored
             Add SetStackSize() to DramaPath.