1. 21 Aug, 2020 40 commits
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      Add action descriptions · bf2cf9eb
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Add action descriptions.
      	gitlogger uses new DitsPutAction() interface instead of DitsPutActions().
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      Fix problem in value of GIT_M_ARG_KEEPVALERR mask value · a648cadb
      Tony Farrell authored
      	The GIT_M_ARG_KEEPVALERR mask value was wrong - it was 0x11 rather
      	then a unique value like 0x20, which is causing conflicts.  Not sure
      	how I got through that, but everything linked to this will need to
      	be rebuilt to get it working correctly.
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      Add enumerated version of GIT_M_ARG_KEEPERR flag · 49fdb8e9
      Tony Farrell authored
      	 Did not have an enumerated equivalent of GIT_M_ARG_KEEPERR.  Add it.
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      Add gitargnp2.c to GNUmakefile.am · d2c61c53
      Tony Farrell authored
              Add gitargnp2.c to GNUmakefile.am.
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      Rework gitarget sequence to reduce calls to Ers that will be annulled to avoid... · 7a813ead
      Tony Farrell authored
      Rework gitarget sequence to reduce calls to Ers that will be annulled to avoid errant messages in the log file
      	Add GitArgNamePos2(), and use it to re-implement
      	    such that they don't invoke ErsRep() in most cases
      	    where they are just going to annul the message.  This
      	    avoids errant log messages.  Errors reported by ArgCvt()
      	    will still end up in the log file, but they are rarer.
      	Add notes to Git.h documentation on Range() methods in
      	    GitInt and GitReal - they only work if invoked from Get(),
      	    not if invoked from the constructor.
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      Ensure GitArgGetS returns error when no value and we dont have a default · d53da11b
      Tony Farrell authored
           For GitArgGetS(), if we don't have a default value we must not
      	 clear status regardless of flags.  PRevious change had introduced
      	 clearing status if no default and was causing a hang in DtclCommand().
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      Add GIT_M_ARG_KEEPVALERR flag · c019b12d
      Tony Farrell authored
          Add  GIT_M_ARG_KEEPVALERR flag used by the gitarg series of routines to
      	indicate that if there is no value found, then don't return an error,
      	but do return an error if a value is supplied but in error.  This is
      	a common requirement.
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      Allow longer boolean name strings and document that better · 601ea434
      Tony Farrell authored
           GIT_ARG_LMAX now 20 characters and relevant buffer is GIT_ARG_LMAX+1
                 characters. Don't know how I got away with such a small
                 value - probably just used TRUE/FALSE.
           Update GitBool class to indicate this restriction and ensure
      	it is made clear that the sub-class lookup is not invoked from
      	the Constructor (since the sub-class has not yet been
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      Add GIT_M_SIM_ALLLEVELS mask value to Git.h · e618e304
      Tony Farrell authored
         Add GIT_M_SIM_ALLLEVELS mask value to Git.h
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      Fix issues picked up by building with CLAng 6.0 · 9d8a0be3
      Tony Farrell authored
         gittask.C - modified to treat pollCancelling as bool correctly in
      	all cases.
         gitlogger.C - fix a warning around the comparing of a DitsReqType
      	 value to -1.
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      Fixed a couple of warnings on OS X with Clang 6.0. A couple still remain. · e09ae70a
      Keith authored
         Minor changes towards getting a clean compilation under Yosemite with
         Clang 6.0.
         gitLogger.C  OS X has deprecated sem_init() and sem_destroy(), and
            the compilers generate warnings as a result. Bypassed (inelegantly?)
            by providing dummy versions when compiled on OS X.
         git.c  Clang complains about possible use of 'path' when uninitialised,
            if the call that should set it fails. Bail-out on bad status fixes this.
         This leaves a couple of warnings that I don't feel secure about trying to
         fix. A bool variable that gets incremented in gettask.c and a
         DitsReqEnum in gitLogger.C that gets tested against -1, which is not a
         valid enum value. That needs to be looked at by someone more familiar
         with the workings of the code.
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      LogInfo now outputs using MsgOut · 8058787c
      Tony Farrell authored
              GitLogger::LogInfo() now outputs using MsgOut(), matching
                    changes to DITS Control message handling.
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      GitLogger::Log now triggers format warnings in GCC. LogInfo output more details · 279ef2cc
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Resolve issue with __attributes__ specification of GitLogger::Log().
      	  This requires 1 be added to each value due to the implicit "this"
      	  argument.  Resulted in various warnings which had to be resolved.
      	Expand information output by GitLogger::LogInfo().
      	Bracket all DRAMA calls made in the context of GitLogger::Log()
                by semaphore take/give, hoping to make this thread safe.
      	  This is an interim measure whilst we wait for thread compatible
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      Fix gcc 4.7.1 compilation warnings · bbf8886c
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Resolve some warnings from gcc 4.7.1.
      	      gittask.h was handling unused parameters incorrectly.
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      gitlogger will create parameters during actions · bcc37928
      Tony Farrell authored
      	gitlogger now will create parameters during actions, which is possible.
      		It was just creation of the parameter system which was not
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      Add GITLOG_FILENAME parameter · 36e432af
      Tony Farrell authored
      	gitlogger now added the GITLOG_FILENAME parameter, which records the
      	 name of the logfile.
      	gitlogview now number of lines reduced to 50,000, as 200,000 turned out
      	to be too large.  Also improved the message when this was hit.
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      Fix bigs in gitlogger time update code, partiucarly for VxWorks · ecdaa47a
      InstTestAcc authored
      	Fix assoicated bugs in the time update and in particular, the day
      	    change code in GitLogger.
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      Increase GitLogger stack size under VxWorks · 48163673
      InstTestAcc authored
      	VxWorks sync thread - increase stack to 10000 bytes, as we were
      	running out of stack space.
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      Various improvments to gitlogview.tcl · 071d7858
      Tony Farrell authored
      	gitlogview.tcl now supports showing the time when scrolling and
      	moving to highlighted lines.
      	Support display of local time as an option.
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      gitlogview now supports highlighting text · a81cd68a
      Tony Farrell authored
      	gitlogview.tcl now supports highlighting text.
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      Fix 64 bit issues. Minor update to gitlogview · 6bf6e9d9
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Some minor fixes to gitlogview.tcl
      	A change in ArgCvt() to fix a long-standing 64 bit issue requires
      	a change to GitArgGetI() and GitArgGetL().
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      Add gitlogview command · 22a9cebf
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Rename DisplayLog.tcl to gitlogview.tcl, revamp significantly and
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      Release gitsemclean on macs · 5422b5cd
      Tony Farrell authored
      	On macs, always build and release gitsemclean.  That is the only
      	spot we currenlty support where it is needed.
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      Check system time is sensible on start up of logger · 436eeb39
      Tony Farrell authored
      	 Add edate script and use it to get the compiation date into
      	 gitlogger.C.  This way we can check the value returned
      	 by time() is sensible.
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      Set local IMP_SCRATCH directory during tests · 6c9dc3f8
      Tony Farrell authored
      	dmakefile modified to ensure all tests use a IMP_SCRATCH set
      	to the local directory and to run cleanup before/after the set
      	of tests.
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      Get autoconfigure for 2dfdr working · 1a622071
      InstTestAcc authored
      	Rename Makefile.am to GNUmakefile.am, since 2dfdr_ac is moving
      	to using this name all the time.  Add the various include files
      	and .msg files to the lists to be distrubted..
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      Move from LOG_ macros to GIT_LOG_ macros · 86700b9e
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Rename LOG_* macros in gitlogger.h to GIT_LOG_*, but provide the
      	       old names if the macro GIT_LOG_NO_OLD_NAMES is not defined
      	       before including gitlogger.h.  This fixes a compatibly
      	       problem with the copley motion library.
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      Fix alpha vms released issues · e547a75f
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Fix issues in dmakefile shown by Alpha VMS build.
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      Update makefile.support · 390f1e5a
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Update makefile.support.
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      Fix Solaris buld problems. Link gittasktest against sharable and try it · afe1ecd7
      Tony Farrell authored
      	gittasktest.C modified to allow it to load the sub-tasks itselfs,
      		such that the test can be run from make without starting
      		the DRAMA networks.
      	Fix build of sharable and link gittasktest.o against the
      		sharable as the executable gittasktest2.
      	Run both gittasktest and gittasktest2 during the release
      		as a regression test.
      	Remove unncessary const on method arguments in logger.C to fix
      		link problems with Solaris CC - apparently it treats
      		these as different types, through it should not.
      	Fix gittask.C build problems with Solaris CC, including lack
      		of the std::transform() function.
      	Add Minh's LogDisplay.tcl script for displaying log files.  Has
      	  not been checked to work as yet.
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      Update for recent config sub-system changes · 0afc0995
      Tony Farrell authored
              Fix SRC<n> macro definitions in dmakefile.
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      Add Makefile.am · 4d4766d5
      Tony Farrell authored
             Add Makefile.am - used by 2dFdr to autoconfigure DramaGit.
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      Improve const correctness · 976bfe67
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Improve const correctness.
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      Fix VxWorks git logger crash · 8003d943
      Tony Farrell authored
      	GitLogger::SyncFile() was calling Log(), which can't be done from a sync thread, hence
      		            we were getting crashes under VxWorks.  Fixed.
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      Fix VxWorks build bug · 42e361f6
      Tony Farrell authored
              VxWorks does not have access() - modify gitlogger to work around this.
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      Add support for GitLogger writing compressed log files · a86cd342
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Log files always have a .00,.01,.02 etc between
               the date and .log, and we never open an old log
               file any more - we always create a new one using
               this sequences - treats compressed files as per
               the main log file in this scheme.
              Count the bytes written internall to remove
               dependence on ftell() so we can make the next
               change.  Also warns first time round when log
               file write fails.
              Add a "compress" flag to GitLogger::GitLogger(),
               and use it to compress log files as we write them
               (not under VxWorks) using popen() and gzip.
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      Fix html doc build on linux · 5ffd62b4
      Tony Farrell authored
          html/Makefile drops use of $(MAKEFLAGS) - not needed and causing
           problems on Linux.
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      Changed the name of the logfile from DDMMYYYY to YYYY-MM-DD · b5b0e81c
      MinhVuong authored
              Changed the name of the logfile from {taskname}-DDMMYYYY.log
              to {taskname}-YYYY-MM-DD.log. eg: THI-02Mar2008.log to
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      Fix buffer overflow in monitor code · 129ce97e
      Tony Farrell authored
      	GitMonitor routines were using the wrong length string for
      	the Argument names -  causing a buffer overflow.
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      Impove GitArg error messages. Impove working with DRamaTest · b1b4b73e
      Tony Farrell authored
      	Modify GitArg sequence of routines to improve the messages output
      	when errors occur.  Impove the commenting of parameters.
      	Add GITARGTEST action to sst.c.
              gittasktest now uses priorities when loading SST tasks - so that
              messages come out in a constent order - which makes DramaTest
              easer to get working.